Simplify your business

Simplify your business

Requests from employees, contracts, deadlines. The system looks after everything you need to run your business for you. In one place, online.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Employees are not idle, hours match, and you have costs altogether. The system itself monitors the return on investments and the effectiveness of projects.

Don't lose property

Don't lose property

Who has the drill, on which construction it is and has it been returned to the warehouse at all? Put your worries behind your head, you have an overview of everything.

Get more time

Get more time

An end to writing out reports and reporting by hand, keeping track of attendance, the warehouse, billing and more. Automation replaces the work of 1 employee in 10.

Connecting all parties

An employee in the office and a construction investor controls the entire program via a web browser on a computer. A construction worker handles attendance and other things via the Stavario mobile application. All three interfaces are interconnected and communicate with each other.

Online site diary

Available to anyone, non-stop. Automatically create 80% of day entries for you. The person responsible merely by computer, tablet or mobile dictates the work and attaches photos or videos.

Watch attendance

Workers enter the arrival and departure from the construction site via our mobile / tablet application. Thanks to this, you can see in real time e.g. who is on which site, or you can export finished data for wages.

Watch tool movement

Detailed overview of property, machines and tools. You know when and who took it over and where the tool is.

How we have helped others

"Stavario will tell me exactly what was transported from warehouse to another one. Thanks to the entered prices, I can add expenses and receipts to individual projects, and I know exactly how the individual projects stand in terms of material status."

Václav Bečka, construction preparer

PRO URBAN s.r.o.

"The Stavario application has been used by our company for almost two months, and I am glad that we have chosen this option. The application is well arranged, saves time, can always be viewed from anywhere, even investors are satisfied."

Ing. Peter Kliment, MBA, production manager

JAPS TEN s.r.o.

„The STAVARIO application helps us monitor employee attendance and the movement of materials and tools on individual construction sites. Thus, the profitability of construction orders has significantly increased. Electronic records of construction diaries and the possibility of storing photo documentation for individual records also made it significantly easier for us to control the course of construction. We have everything in one place and online from anywhere.“

Petra Chytrá Sojková, construction budgets & coordination

CHYTRÝ Michal s.r.o.

"First of all, our labor costs have decreased significantly, thanks to a complete overview of the attendance and movement of people on construction sites. We obtained an overall overview of the entire project, including comprehensive photo documentation. We have also achieved quick and at the same time easy control over the construction diary, as the data get copied automatically, thanks to the mobile version of the application. Thanks to the STAVARIO application, we obtained complete and comprehensive information across the entire company."

Martin Köszegi, Head of the construction department

R-built s.r.o.

 "The "projects" section has greatly simplified our work. We regularly take photos of contract progression and the investor, who has access to its project, can see our work from the comfort of home or the office. Communication with the investor has taken on a whole new dimension, and customers are thrilled."

Tomáš Barták, Managing Director
Zelené kolo s.r.o.

"Thanks to the Stavario application, we have solved the problem with the attendance of all our employees, and at the same time I very much appreciate the individual modules such as the Photo Gallery of work performed, the Construction Diary and the possibility of recording employee attendance and warehouse records."

Pavel Salák, Managing Director
Sanace Po s.r.o.

"Stavario has helped our company in many things. From attendance and monitoring of employees to a detailed report of our projects. It clearly shows construction budgets and draws attention to the expiration of all documents, thus often avoiding inconveniences that may occur in the administration."

Marek Valenta, Managing Director
Lignostav s.r.o.

"The app Stavario makes it easier for us to control the attendance of employees, hours worked and holidays. We also work with a construction diary, where we can set the investor to see it and be able to check the work done and comment on it."

Libor Bureš, Managing Director
Invest-star s.r.o.

"To us, Stavario means having information in the one place, keeping up-to-date with attendance, the costs of contracts, and movement at the hire store. The app can do much more besides. We recommend it to all construction companies as a single information system."

Ing. Ronald Loydl, Managing Director
Ponvia Construct s.r.o.

"Our company is very satisfied with the Stavario app. Saves time and money. We have an overview of people who are still at work and the position using GPS is really cool! No one can tell us he was at work when it wasn't. We also have control over the holidays and the advances that the company pays."

Zoltan Jasik, Managing Director

"I originally started developing Stavario app for the needs of my own construction company. Nevertheless, the tool already helps dozens of other construction companies, regardless of their size. Solving the usual problems with attendance, tool loss,,and keeping a construction diary increased our cash flow, freed our hands and we got rid of routine problems."

Josef Beneš, Managing Director
Stav-idea s.r.o.