How to show employees that Stavario can help them


First they grumble, and then they’re glad. How to introduce Stavario to your workers

When deadlines are tight, they work from morning until evening. They have to be skilled and fast, while dealing with situations that are not always ideal. They are overworked, because the orders pile up during the season and there is no time to relax. And then suddenly you, as the company owner, turn up and tell your people that they will be using Stavario from now on. That you need automatic attendance details. And they don’t like it very much. 

Marcel Růžička works as a foreman at the construction company Stav-idea. He orders materials, communicates with the workers and works on projects. He works alternately at the construction site and on a computer. 

They introduced Stavario at the company roughly three years ago. „Before the mobile app, we worked in the usual way on a system of notepads, in which we recorded the arrivals in the morning and departures in the afternoon. Lunch and snack breaks were deducted automatically,“ Marcel says. 

Does that seem familiar? Such a system is as old as bricks themselves and common at a lot of construction sites. But its not very practical, because:

  • it’s easy to lose a notepad.
  • anyone can write basically anything they want in it.
  • typing the data into tables with payroll, vacation and other records is perhaps worse than when you forget to use waterproofing in the bathroom and go straight to laying tiles. 

I have to say that this system suited us. The other guys and I felt more free; that’s clear in my opinion, “ says Marcel. 


Manually writing down attendance records in notepads is not ideal for you. The notepad system adds a lot of work and prevents you from modernising, digitalising and streamlining your construction company. Stavario offers a good solution with a simple app for employees and a detailed web interface for the company’s management. It’s a great tool for you, but there remains a few “minor issues” – introducing it to the people in your company, informing them that it will newly be their daily bread and not provoking a mutiny.

At first, the new system seemed to us a bit like a time clock in a factory. But the boss showed Stavario to us in detail and explained the reasons why he wanted to use it in the company. He showed us the benefits and how it would help us“ says Marcel. 

You should proceed similarly. Get to work with it and:

  1. Explain what Stavario is and how you discovered it. Simply say that your acquaintance, the owner of another construction company, and his colleagues have had good experience with the tool and recommended it to you.
  2. Show the benefits that Stavario has for your people. We describe these in greater detail below in the article.
  3. Explain the benefits that Stavario has for your company as a whole. You will get accurate payroll documents, you will have more time to handle individual projects, seek out contracts, take care of clients and communicate with your employees. In will no longer happen that an angry investor shows up at the construction site and holds up the workers.
  4. Briefly explain to the employees how their work with Stavario will look. Ideally, show them directly on a mobile telephone or tablet.  
  5. Leave room for questions. If there’s anything you don’t know, to find it out later from our colleague Veronika in user support and then share the information with your employees. Thanks to that, they will feel like they are your partners and negative impressions will thus be mitigated.  

Don’t let rumours spread in your company, which would only promote the negative perception of the situation and your people would go to the introductory meeting already having opinions that would be difficult for you to change.

Find out exactly how attendance records work in the video. Workers log in, enters their arrival, select the construction site they are working on and take a photo of themselves. The app welcomes them to work and that’s it. This video is perfect for reassuring your people that using Stavario is not rocket science.

Technical requirement of the app: You need a smartphone or tablet

Whereas you will mainly work in the Stavario web browser, your employees need a smartphone or tablet in order to log in to work. 

Builders often mention that their employees do not have smart telephones and can’t launch the app on a push-button phone. However, we know that approximately six thousand people are currently using Stavario and 29% of them have Apple devices and 71% of them use Android. So, workers have smartphones,” says Stavario founder Josef Beneš, who spends a large part of his professional life among workers on construction sites.

Therefore, it is ideal if you determine what the situation is in your company and agree with the people who need a smartphone that you will purchase company mobile telephones for them. All workers at the same construction site can borrow a smartphone and successively log in and enter their arrival. Each of them has their own username and PIN. Stavario works just as well on a tablet, which is more pleasant mainly for older employees who have difficulty seeing information on a mobile telephone or for whom using the controls on a telephone display is too tedious. 

How it works with us is that someone has their own mobile phone and the boss bought a company phone for someone else. Stavario works normally on a personal phone, but those who have old push-button phones got more modern ones from the company. It works well. I have Stavario on my phone and it doesn’t cause me any problems. It’s just another app,” says Marcel, construction company employee.

Employees can also borrow a mobile telephone or tablet, so it isn’t necessary for everyone to have their own smartphone. 

Tip: You can try Stavario free of charge for three weeks or order the online presentation from the Stavario team.

Get started with Stavario at your company right now.

Stavario’s benefits for your employees

For example, Stavario will make overtime clearer for your employees, make it easier for them to enter vacation notices and medical appointments, and help them when someone unjustly accuses them of losing a company drill or breaking a mixer. Therefore, it is important to concisely and clearly present Stavario’s benefits to your people. 

  • Photos are proof. For every construction log, you can upload photos to Stavario, thanks to which employees can easily document exactly what they have done and the state of their work. “When the boss asks what I did, I simply show him the photos and it’s clear to him. Photos are proof of my work,” says Marcel.
  • Work depends on the material, not the worker. When a worker sees that the material will not be enough, he enters a purchase request in Stavario. His superior knows about it immediately and handles it. If the delivery gets held up for some reason, the worker is off the hook – he saw that the material was running out, informed management, and is now waiting for delivery. “When the foreman is angry because the work is not being done, the worker responds: ‘I entered a request two days ago and you haven’t delivered anything.’ It’s thus easy to explain why the work has stopped,” says Marcel. 
  • Reporting of medical appointments up to 14 days in advance. Information on medical appointments is beneficial both for company owners and for employees, who can easily enter medical appointments in the app. You confirm it and there is no risk of an unpleasant surprise when the worker isn’t at the construction site in the morning. Everyone knows what is going on.
  • Overtime is clear. Sometimes the boss needs employees to stay longer on the job – for example, due to a tight deadline or imminent bad weather that will disrupt work. Overtime will never get lost. The payroll accountant sees it in Stavario and employees’ payslips will always be correct.  
  • No more arguments about tools. The app also features a system for lending tools. Employees click on borrow, pick up tools from the warehouse or take them from a co-worker. And when they return a tool, they enter the information in the app. It is clear who has the drill and workers have leverage to prevent someone from blaming them for the loss of a tool. “It’s good also in that I can see in the app where I can find the drill I need right now. So, I don’t needlessly go to the warehouse or call anyone, because I know that the tools I need are being used by guys on another job site," says Marcel.