Stavario helps companies of all sizes


Stavario helps companies of all sizes, from those with ten people to corporations

Probably every construction-company owner wonders how to streamline the running of their business and reduce operating costs. An increasingly popular solution is digitalisation. It doesn’t matter if you can count your employees on one hand or if you have hundreds of people under you and dozens of ongoing projects. 

With ten employees, it is high time to implement digitalisation  

If you are a skilled craftsman or builder and you work for yourself, you have all deadlines, clients and material deliveries firmly under control. But the enquiries keep piling up, you can’t keep up, you start hiring people and suddenly you can no longer keep track of everything.

"Experience has shown that Stavario definitely pays off for companies with roughly ten employees. An advantage is that it doesn’t take much work to upload and import all of your data into Stavario. Then you just gradually add more employees and projects and it goes quickly,” says Josef Beneš, CEO of Stavario.

Transcribing information about employees, multiple projects and the company’s equipment takes less than an hour. Immediately afterwards, the application will be ready for full-scale use. You will prepare a short training for your employees in which you will present the app to them and show them how to work with the attendance system and how to register and borrow tools.

Presenting Stavario to employees and motivating them to use the app is not always easy. Read the article on how to show employees that Stavario has benefits also for them. >> 

Paperwork and numerous tables just make your work chaotic. Keep all of your data in one place online

Both small and large construction companies appreciate the centralisation in Stavario and the possibility of remote access from a business trip or even when on vacation. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • enter records on, for example, the purchase of new drills.  
  • add OSH documents.
  • pload machine and tool manuals, inspection reports and photo documentation from the construction site.
  • add a new employee.  

You have direct access to everything without having to go to the office. You will never again lose any important documents, especially the construction log.

“What are we going to write in the construction log today? But we’re missing the whole week before last!” Such problems will be a thing of the past for you, because you can quickly enter everything in the construction log, weather data will be downloaded automatically and photos can be uploaded by any worker via the app. 

Communicate with investors and other partners

One of Stavario’s important functionalities is the electronic construction log, which replaces the standard paper log. You can view the electronic log at any time, check that all records are in order and share the information with the investor.

For investors, the online construction log is a convenient and easy way to stay in the loop. After access rights have been assigned, investors can add information, approve additional work and make additional requests via the online interface. They can also see how the project is progressing, so nothing will surprise them. This also saves you, as the company owner, a lot of work, as investors don’t need to bombard you with telephone calls asking for details regarding the construction project.

For small companies, keeping an electronic construction log is a major competitive advantage and a safeguard ensuring that all extra work will be recorded and thus provable. For large construction companies, electronic logs are almost the only way to maximally simplify communication between management, construction managers and investors. Financial and time savings are achieved after just a few weeks of use.

Read the article with detailed information about the construction log

Large companies value the attendance system and other functionalities

One of Stavario’s main advantages is the comprehensiveness and centralisation of all functionalities. Through a single tool, companies can control and check the construction log and asset records and manage the attendance system, which is particularly important for medium-sized and larger construction companies that need to keep track of dozens or hundreds of employees. However, it is also suitable for smaller companies, where it can help managers dispense with transcribing tables with attendance records. It will definitely not happen that you lose all of your data due to the loss of the notepad with attendance records for the first quarter. 

An advantage of electronic attendance records is that the risk of circumventing the system is minimised. Because the employee app stores the GPS coordinates and the time when employees arrive at and leave work, as well as a photo of the arriving employee, the hours worked correspond to reality. Stavario also uses advanced methods for registering and tracking assets, thanks to which even large companies with extensive inventories of equipment that passes through the hands of numerous workers will not lose track of tools and equipment.

In the webinar, our CEO Josef Beneš will show you how to introduce Stavario in your company. Click through the initial setup with him and then it will be easier for you than cutting a sheet of drywall.

You can use Stavario in the corporate environment. Just set up rights for your colleagues

We designed the interface of the information system to be as simple as possible and to succeed even in the corporate environment. The master-account administrator can easily assign access and rights to other users at multiple levels.

The system is useful for corporations, which in practice operate as several smaller construction companies. Their projects can easily be divided and access can be assigned only to selected persons. A single system can thus serve construction companies that are active in multiple areas. Employees, company equipment, work on particular projects – everything can be dealt with separately in Stavario, which can handle everything that you now handle in several apps, on paper and by telephone.

No construction company is too small or too big for Stavario. Use and pay for only the functionalities that you need and adjust the interface according to your requirements. 

How much it will cost you

Select from several pricing plans, which differ in that:

  • you have either only a construction log and access for investors
  • or the whole application.

This means that you simply choose whether you want to add attendance with tool records and other functionalities to the construction log.

Regardless of which tariff you choose, you have an unlimited number of:

  • users
  • asset items
  • construction sites
  • and cloud space for data 

So you don’t have to worry that your company’s growth will mean spending more for Stavario.


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