1. How do I register to Stavario?

Simply open our website Stavario and clink the button "Try it free".


2. How do I log in to the system Stavario?

To log in, it is necessary to open a specific URL address of your company, which was assigned to you during registration and sent to e-mail (yourcompany.vimovsem.cz). Here you enter the login details located in the same e-mail.


3. What is the difference between a user and an employee?

User logs in to the web administration using an e-mail and password (yourcompany.vimovsem.cz).

Employee logs in to the mobile application using the ID and PIN generated by the user.


  • If the user wants to log in to the construction log via the mobile application, he must also have an employee profile created.
  • If the employee wants to log in to the construction log via the mobile application, he must also have an user profile created.


4. Employee forgot the PIN to log in to the application. How do I restore it?

Send the new PIN via the lock icon in the "Employees / Employees" section of the selected employee.


5. User has forgotten the PIN to log in to the web interface. How do I restore it?

Send the new PIN via the lock icon in the "Settings / Users" section for the selected user.


6. I can't log in or log out of the mobile app.

Please check your internet connection. Is your wifi router not blocking your connection? Does your phone have data connection turned on?


7. I have"Failed to get location" error message when logging in to the mobile app.

If this happens, check the app settings on your phone to see if Stavario has location sharing enabled. If so, try turning on the Google Maps application to see if the phone can locate the user.


8. Why an employee connected in the mobile application cannot take over the assets?

To access an employee's assets in the mobile application, you have to assign them to a group in the "Employees / Employees" section, where you select the relevant employee and assign the group to him.

If you do not have groups created, you can do so in the "Employees / Groups" section.


9. Employees on Android devices show a large divergence in GPS records.

If employees see the GPS discrepancy in the records, they need to verify the GPS location on the mobile device:

  1. Turn on the Maps application - you can verify and update the GPS position that your mobile device is working with. (If the dot is gray, the position is not current, until it is blue, then the mobile device works with the current GPS position.)
  2. Clear the application cache in "Settings / Applications and notifications - Stavario / Storage and cache / Clear cache"
  3. Check the GPS location access settings
  4. GPS location access is required in general (Stavario app checks that at startup)
  5. Detailed location settings are "Google positioning accuracy" - we recommend to have it turned on

Stavario application works with GPS data obtained by the mobile device system. If the divergence in the application is significantly different from reality, it is necessary to verify the functionality of the GPS chip in the mobile device (according to point 1 or deeper device diagnostics).


10. What is the difference between a joint entry and a company entry in a construction diary?

All records seen and printed by the client / investor must be in the Common Record. Company records are bookmarks for subcontractors and technical supervision of the investor. If you have a subcontractor, everyone writes in a bookmark under their company and their name. The main administrator then converts their records into a common record.

Tip: If you want to write directly into the joint record and not convert from the company one, go to "Settings / Users / User roles" and in the section "Construction log / Daily records" check "Write in joint record".


12. Employee does not have completed working hours in the daily reports. How do I fix it?

If the employee has not entered "Departure" and the system is set by administrator to "Automatic termination of working hours - No", the system did not automatically end the day. You can manually add the departure:

  1. In the "Employees / Records" section, delete the arrival record on the given unfinished day using the trash can icon
  2. At the top right of the screen, select "Add business day"
  3. Choose the employee, project, select the record type "Arrival + Departure" and set the date and time of arrival and departure. It is also necessary to fill in the note, e.g. "Manually edited."
  4. Click the "Submit" button

If you want to end working hours automatically after a specified number of hours, go to "Settings / Basic settings" section, where you can adjust "Automatic ending of working hours in hours" in the "Basic settings" submenu.

Caution! It is necessary to have "Automatic termination of hours - Yes" selected for the employee in the "Employees / Employees" section.


13. User cannot see projects in the administration.

User is not assigned to the project. You can set the assignment to the project in the "Projects / Projects" section in the "Responsible users" tab.


14. User cannot see some or all modules in the administration.

The user does not have user roles set. You set the roles in the "Settings / Users" section, where you click on the "User roles" button and select the role in which the user is a member. Here you set which modules and functions the user role has access to.