5. 9. 2022

News in Stavario for August 2022

In the month of August, we have prepared news for you: Expansion and improvement of the daily entries of the construction diary, projects and reports. Check out the details.
30. 8. 2022

Stavario is a bit more complex

Do you want to have a clear overview of activities on your construction sites and their time planning? Use Stavario and the Gantt chart linked to the tasks module.
25. 7. 2022

The best office of 2021

It's amazing that we made it to the finals with an office that we made ourselves without an architect, companies, craftsmen and other allies. We are extremely happy with the placement and even though we didn't win officially, we feel like winners.
25. 7. 2022

Stavario helps IMOS Brno with the construction of new IKEM pavilions

Thanks to the online construction diary from Stavari, builders from IMOS Brno can more easily organize their work, communicate with the investor or write down records.
23. 7. 2022

Eyetowers mobile surveillance technology not only for construction

You have an immediate overview of everything happening, thanks to notifications that are automatically sent to your mobile device or PC.
23. 7. 2022

Advanto: Benefit with which you have access to pay at any time

Allow your employees to be paid at any time through the simple Advanto application. Thanks to Stavario, you will be able to offer this new benefit to your employees (including part-timers).
23. 7. 2022

How Stavario helps at EUROVIA CS

The Stavario application helps streamline processes in all construction organizations. And even in those that reach really large dimensions.
23. 7. 2022

What builder should do when prices of material rise

When you have a split order, do you sit over the budget and see that it is not working out for you? We asked the builders how they handle the unusual situation.
23. 7. 2022

News for May 2022

In the month of May, we have prepared news for you: Simple assignment of projects to employees, new exports to XLS or a complete translation into Slovak.
23. 7. 2022

The future of construction: drones, exoskeletons and digitization

Digital transformation brings endless possibilities to overcome the limitations of human work. According to predictions, the digitization of the construction industry is inevitable.
23. 7. 2022

How to get signatures in the electronic construction diary

Is it OK for the construction manager to sign the journal entries electronically? Doesn't this require a certified electronic signature?" That's fine and a certified signature is not needed.
23. 7. 2022

How to show employees that Stavario will help them

Don't let rumors spread in your business. A good solution is offered by Stavario with a simple app. Try it free for 14 days.
22. 7. 2022

Stavario will help a company of 10 people and a corporation

Almost every owner of a construction company wonders how to streamline the company's operations and reduce operating costs. Digitization of the company is an increasingly popular solution.
22. 7. 2022

Calculate the purchase of material so that it works out exactly for you

Clear unit conversions for builders and do-it-yourselfers, including a table for converting cubic meters to tons. Learn how to calculate and buy materials accurately.
22. 7. 2022

Attendance in Stavario – quick login with GPS and photo

You will check the GPS coordinates and the photo of the employee upon arrival, an entry will automatically be created in the construction diary and you will speed up the documents for wages.
22. 7. 2022

Get rid of annoying typing thanks to the app for employees

Spending hours rewriting attendance, medical or payroll data is every builder's nightmare. The mobile app for employees will solve it for you.
22. 7. 2022

Electronic construction diary – what it can do and how to use it

The construction diary will no longer be a bureaucratic stream. Its online version will save you hours of time and stress. Read how on it and start building easily.
22. 7. 2022

Digitalization vs. The Help Desk Lady

She won't make you coffee. But otherwise, a smart application is a much more beneficial helper for the functioning of a construction company than part-timers. Find out how to get started with digitization.
22. 7. 2022

Use the winter season to improve your business

Excavators and vans parked in the garage, tools in storage and employees at home with their families. The turn of the year tends to be more free in the construction industry. And business owners finally have time to breathe.
22. 7. 2022

Public contracts only with an electronic construction diary

An unobtrusive change, but one that fundamentally changes public contracts. Since January, a new law has been in effect in the Czech Republic, which orders cities, municipalities and other public institutions to ensure the maintenance of an electronic construction diary during major construction projects.
22. 7. 2022

Josef Beneš: what did 20 years of experience in the construction industry give me?

A sympathetic builder from the show Facmani, who always knows what to do - that's Josef Beneš, the founder of the Stavario app and the construction company Stav-idea. Read how Josef communicates with investors and what he advises young starting colleagues.
25. 11. 2021

Common problems on construction sites – how does Stavario solve them?

A rotted beam or an uneven foundation for the waterproofing of a flat roof - some of the problems that appear on construction sites. Read how to solve them with Stavaria.
25. 11. 2021

The end of fictitious overtime payments, swindlers are running away

Finding reliable, responsible and honest workers is not easy at all. Get a continuous overview of your employees' working hours.
25. 11. 2021

They wrote about us: Czech application – whip on masons

Anyone who has ever had something built for themselves knows very well how helpless they are when the masons don't act fairly. Now it can be effectively defended against. Using a mobile app.

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